Missing: P.J.'s Gunsmithing

P.J.'s Gunsmithing went out of business. So are Patrick Talley and his customers' weapons now?


A Benton man may have killed his last deer with his favorite muzzle loader.

It seems his gun...and the man he trusted to repair it...have disappeared.

Lem Dreher has called and left messages. He has reached out via Facebook. He has talked with those who know Patrick Daley. And we have done the same in an attempt to find him...with no success.

Here is a photo of the gun that Dreher dropped off at P.J.'s Gunsmithing in Benton because he wanted the trigger pull adjusted to allow for a lighter touch.

Patrick Daley said he could do it for $65.00. He said it might take a month.

That was in February.

"It's not an expensive gun but it's my favorite gun,” says Dreher. “Muzzleloader. It's got a good scope on it. I've shot a lot of deer with it. and I want it back."

The space where Patrick Daley lived and operated his shop out of on Market street is now empty.

Dreher hopes and assumes that his gun and the others that Daley was working on remain in Daley's possession...but he doesn't know for sure.

Here is Dreher's receipt...showing that Daley has his address and phone number and could contact him if he wanted to...but he hasn't.

Daley moved to Saline county from Wisconsin in 2015.

"What if he moved back to Wisconsin and took your gun with him?"

"I'd hate to say...I think that the gun may be gone,” says Dreher. “I don't know. I'm worried."

We have been told that disagreements over Daley's dog...which animal control has deemed vicious...forced him to move out of Benton...possibly to the Salem area.

If you know where Patrick Daley is, please let us know so we can help get Mr. Dreher's gun returned to him.

You can share that information by emailing Seven-On-Your-Side. That address:

Air date: July 5th, 2018

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