Mold complaints at WLR complex

Tenants allege health problems due to mold at one WLR apartment complex.


Four years-ago Seven-On-Your-Side investigated claims of a mold problem in building four of a west little rock apartment complex.

Today we revisited the property to hear similar claims being made by residents of building 10.

Management at Chapel Ridge at Chenal refused to talk to us. And when we visited the property out near pinnacle mountain to talk with tenants...they called the police.

We left before police arrived...but not before visiting with Daniel LaRue and looking at areas of his apartment that he believes are mold-infested.

"They tested at about 10:30 or 11:00 in the morning and at 5:00 that night they said you all can move into another apartment immediately," recalls LaRue.

But when LaRue and his girlfriend went to look at the apartment being offered they discovered more evidence of mold.

Adrienne Howard also lives in building 10 and believes her apartment has a mold problem too.

She shared with us these photos. She says the health of her mother and her son have suffered.

"And then our neighbor said that they had mold or whatever and I was just thinking to myself...OK...this may be the cause of it,” says Howard. “My son has frequent headaches and stuff like that."

LaRue says the back of his apartment flooded when a water tank leaked and the window in his son's room leaks...creating more mold.

It's hard to prove but easy to suspect that mold is causing health problems.

"Skin rashes...all kinds of stuff,” says LaRue. “My girlfriend has probably been to 50 doctor’s appointments over the past six to eight months and none of the doctors really can pinpoint what is going on."

Howard says she and her family will be moving out soon. LaRue says on Friday the apartment offered him $1,000.00 in moving expenses. He is still deciding what to do.

Management at Chapel Ridge provided us with a customer service number with a Michigan area code. Our message was not returned.

Air date: June 8th, 2018

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