Moore road residents want more done

An abandoned home has been boarded up. Now neighbors want it torn down.


Abandoned properties can be found throughout Arkansas' capital city.

But residents of one neighborhood aren't concerned about all the boarded up houses in Little Rock...just the one on their street.

It used to be a property popular with drug users and the homeless.

The city boarded it up.

The lawn used to be un-mowed.

Complaints got that problem addressed.

But Moore road residents want more done.

Every day disabled vet Keith O’Neal walks out of his home and has to look at an eyesore across the street.

"I usually go out, get in the truck and leave or I go out the back door so I don't have to look at that mess," says O’Neal.

Mike Ehtridge is trying to sell his home on Moore road.

He says the property next door is making it difficult.

"I stalled selling this house for years waiting for this to be remedied," says Ethridge.

"Because you figured you would get more for yours?"

"Well sure I would,” answers Ethridge. “I'm living next door to a burned house that is full or rats and roaches and anything else you can imagine."

According to the Pulaski county assessor's office, someone named Robert Shelton or Rush Properties owns the home.

But according to neighbors, the bank now owns it as a repossession.

Whoever owns it, it's obvious no one wants it and something needs to be done with it. But there are such properties all over the city.

The residents on Moore road argue that this property is worthy of attention from the city because it is unique on this street. Most of the other homes are owner occupied and well maintained.

"It wouldn't be there if it was in a different part of town,” speculates O’Neal. “It would already be gone."

"So you think you're being ignored here in southwest Little Rock?"

"Southwest Little Rock has been ignored on a lot of things,” says O’Neal. “That wouldn't exist if it was on the other side of 430."

We did reach one Robert Shelton...there are several in Little Rock...but he was not the owner of this property.

Our calls to the city of Little Rock inquiring about this property have so far not been returned.

Air date: October 3rd, 2017

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