Motorists warn of "Tint trap"

Several motorists says the small town of Bauxite is a tint trap. (Photo courtesy: KATV)


The city of Damascus has developed a reputation as a speed trap over the years.

Several motorists have contacted Seven-On-Your-Side to complain that another small town is setting a different kind of trap.

Bauxite's police chief admits that his officers have been writing more tickets over the past few months for window tint violations.

But is it enough to call the town a "tint trap?"

Valerie Kelloms thinks so.

Her daughter had Kelloms’ windows tinted at A to Z Auto Glass and Tint in Benton as a birthday gift.

It's giving her relief from the hot Arkansas sun,

But after a trip through Bauxite it's the gift that keeps on in taking $380.00 in fines out of Kelloms’ pocket.

"When you brought in the car what did you say? Make it as dark as legally possible?

"No…I just said I want tint on my windows,” says Kelloms. “I didn't say legally dark or anything. Naturally I thought it would be legally tint...I mean legal tint...I mean I didn't want nothing illegal. I don't want to be illegal. I don't want cops pulling me over."

In Arkansas front side windows must allow in more than 25 percent of light.

Rear windows and the back window can be darker.

Kelloms says her front side windows have registered between 15 and 19 percent...which is illegal in Arkansas.

"We just enforce the law,” says Bauxite Police Chief Jamie Barlow. “You know if it is anything under 25 percent it's illegal."

Bauxite recently equipped all officers with a tint test device. Bauxite now issuing more tickets for excessive tint than other towns?

"I don't think,” replies Chief Barlow. “I think we all probably issue a fair amount."

"I'm mad,” says Kelloms. “I'm not paying that ticket. Why...I should not have to pay that ticket."

We will soon be reviewing all the window tint tickets issued by Bauxite officers over the past year. We'll let you know what we find.

Excessive tint can make it more difficult for drivers to see at night and more dangerous for officers during traffic stops.

Air date: May 9th, 2018

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