Different name, same game

Back in 2011-2013 he went by Steven Murry. Now he is Steven James, but this mason's work in still generating complaints.


The men and women who seven-on-your-side puts a spotlight on probably have a lot of words they use to describe Jason Pederson.

"Friend" has never been one of them.

Until tonight.

We visited Vilonia this afternoon to look at the work done by a man Seven-On-Your-Side has featured before.

Shale is a fine-grained rock...often blue or gray...composed of mud that can appear flaky.

Linda Baier paid for shale for her driveway.

Did she get shale?

Shale no.

Here is what Baier expected...but this is what she got.

She hired Steven James of All Around Masonry.

So did her sister. James put in this culvert that was supposed to help with drainage in front of the carport.

"He promises all the time that he'll do work,” says Baier. “He never shows up to do the work. Once he does work he comes back and asks us for more money constantly. That he needs more money."

We have been asking and encouraging Steven James to go back and do these jobs professionally for well over a month.

Or refund money.

He has promised to do both but has actually done neither.

And James recently texted and told Baier that "I know Jason Peterson. If you would like his personal cell I'd be happy to give it to you. We're pretty good friends."

Here is some video from 2012 when I tracked down James to discuss a complaint. He went by the name Steven Murry then. Seven-On-Your-Side has done several stories on Steven Murry. Now he uses his wife's last least professionally.

For the record James and I are not friends.

If we were...he would have spelled my last name correctly.

And Baier says she has learned a simple but important lesson.

"Don't pay people before you get your job done," says Baier.

James did take care of one customer after she complained to us, but we have since heard from two others with complaints similar to the problems out of Vilonia.

Steven James did not respond to our invitation to do an interview today.

Air date: July 14th, 2017

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