Nearly three decades of trouble

Bad behavior from Chester Sanders is nothing new.


Our Seven-On-Your-Side office has been getting complaints about a Little Rock auto mechanic since 2001.

But problems with Chester Sanders go back much farther than that.

We submitted a Freedom of Information Act request with the Little Rock police department for past complaints involving Chester Sanders. We will focus on just one year...1991...ten years before the owner of Mabelvale Automotive appeared on our radar.

Allegations that Chester Sanders is abusive, a thief and holds hostage the property of his customers are nothing new.

Take this police report from 1991 alleging Sanders "...has been working on a car for approximately three months and refuses to release it." The customer said "...that he has paid for the work that has been completed."

And there are three assault reports from that year.

A 21 year-old woman told police that "...her mother's boyfriend...Sanders...had a bad day at work and came home and took it out on her. She stated he slapped her in the face several times."

A man at an auto parts store exchanging words with Sanders told police "...he started to walk away and Sanders hit him in the right temple and in several other places."

And when a man tried to walk away from a State Fair parking dispute, he told police "...Sanders hit him on his head with a large police type flashlight..." and that "...Sanders' two teenaged sons jumped him as well." Sanders told police he hit the man because he "...disrespected him in front of his two sons." The attack resulted in "...11 stitches to his left ear."

There are also several reports from 1991 that show Sanders being arrested and charged with theft by receiving.

We have seen the same behavior and heard the same complaints about Chester Sanders for 17 years,

But these reports prove such complaints have existed for nearly 30 years.

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of one of Sanders' customers in June. The stories of other customers are being gathered and will be added to that suit.

Air date: August 9th, 2018

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