New roof leaks, contractor doesn't care

An 86 year-old woman can't get her contractor to return and repair the new roof he put on less than two years ago.


An 86 year-old Batesville woman is sleeping with buckets on her bed because her roof is leaking.

It seems that an old problem has not been corrected by a new roof.

When Marge Phillips was looking for someone to put a new roof on her home she did what a lot of people do when they need a service...she looked in the classified section of her local newspaper.

(Looking at the ad in her paper) "Yeah...17 years of business. New homes, additions, what not," says Phillips under her breath.

When Phillips paid Robert Calaway and Duratec Homes to put a new roof on her Batesville home...she figured the days of catching raindrops in buckets in the century-old structure were over.

"That does have me worried now,” says Phillips looking at the ceiling over her bed. “I had been noticing that it was falling. I didn't notice this one over here was too. Yeah...that’s the leak."

"How often do you have to empty these buckets?"

"Oh...not too often,” answers Phillips. “About once a day. You saw that drip then, didn't you?"

"Yeah...I just saw it drip, yeah."

Phillips says the roof is leaking over her disabled son's bed too.

A blue tarp covers the back of the house on bayou street just across the tracks from Batesville's historic downtown.

It is helping but isn't stopping the continual drip, drip, drip.

"Well you have heard about that treatment of drip, drip, drip?” asks Phillips. “You have to try to go to sleep with that."

Phillips says if her roof isn't repaired soon she fears the ceiling over her bed and/or her son's bed will collapse.

The contractor...Robert Calaway of Duratec Homes...refuses to discuss the situation with Seven-On-Your-Side or Ms. Phillips.

"Shame on you,” is her message for Calaway. “Take advantage of people."

We visited mr. Calaway's home and...he wasn't home. We also checked to see if he is a licensed contractor. His license was revoked on January 24th.

A new Batesville-area roofer...James Dombroski...has agreed to help fix this situation as soon as possible.

Air date: February 23rd, 2018

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