No charges in theft of $17,692 from state office

It appears the prime suspect in a theft from a revenue office may get away with it...again.


It appears that a state employee suspected of stealing over $17,000.00 is going to get away with it.

At least for now.

This theft occurred at a state office so the Arkansas state police were asked to investigate.

But with no surveillance video, no witnesses and no confession...ultimately prosecutors decided they had no case.

Sometime during the last weekend of September, the cash and checks that were in a locked bag inside a safe inside the Department of Finance office in Jacksonville...disappeared.

"We have 134 revenue offices across the state and thousands of transactions every day,” says Scott Hardin, Communication Director for the Department of Finance and Administration. “And this is...when the deposit for the day is not's a big deal."

Only two employees had access to the money...and both were given polygraph tests.

There was "No deception indicated" on the assistant manager's results.

But there was "Deception indicated" when a manager took the test.

And it wasn't her first failed polygraph.

According the Arkansas State Police investigative file...obtained under the Freedom of Information Act..."Jacksonville police worked another deposit theft from the same revenue office a few years ago involving one of the same suspects. She was interviewed and submitted to a Computer Voice Stress Analysis in which she showed deception. In that case, the suspect never admitted to taking the money. They were never able to prove she actually took the money.”

It appears history may have repeated itself.

With one exception.

"In 2015 there was some disciplinary action taken,” says Hardin. “In 2017 it resulted in termination."

Hardin says DF&A is disappointed that the theft of nearly $18,000.00 won't result in a prosecution.

But the agency is considering other options...including a possible civil suit.

If the Department of Finance and Administration does file a civil suit in an attempt to recoup stolen funds it will be a first for the agency.

Air date: April 3rd, 2018

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