No crossing irks residents

Repairs are underway at a washed out subdivision crossing but other problems persist.


Neighbors in one Hot Spring county subdivision have been cut off from one another for five months after heavy rains washed out a crossing this spring.

We started calling the developer of this subdivision last week after getting a number of emails from residents citing both safety and convenience concerns.

And when we visited this week there was heavy equipment in place working to repair the crossing in question.

"Why do you think there is finally a crew out here?"

"We called you,” says resident Bill Orlicek. “And then you started calling the developer and the day you started calling equipment got moved in."

Tina Snyder says waiting five months for the repair was nerve-wracking for her family ...which includes her 92 year-old father.

"Sure enough he had a seizure Saturday morning and my husband had to call 9-1-1,” recalls Snyder. “And they came this sign or anything and they had to turn around and go back around. He’s OK…but it could have been a bad situation."

The ambulance had to go back around to the north entrance of the Riverview subdivision. There are about 56 homes in the subdivision served by two gated entrances.

The closer you live to the washed out crossing...the longer trip you have to take to reach your destination if needing to cross.

The original developer's plan was to deed the roads to Hot Spring county after construction for maintenance purposes.

But they are too narrow and the pavement was poured too thin.

"Honestly these roads aren't built to county specifications so the county would have never taken them over to begin with," laments Orlicek.

Developer Kelli Buck says making repairs in a timely manner would be easier if more homeowners paid their $240.00 dollar yearly assessments.

She claims that fund is $28.000 in arrears.

Buck says Riverview property owners started 2017 with $2,000.00 in the bank. The new culverts at the crossing alone will cost $8,800.00.

Air date: September 28th, 2017

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