One gun home, others missing

Customer of a closed gun repair shop in Benton demand the return of their weapons.


It seems that two days of news coverage helped convince a Saline county gunsmith to return a weapon to its owner.

But more customers are still waiting.

Lem Dreher feared he would never see his favorite gun again.

That changed on Saturday. But will it change for other gun owners too?

Here is the pic to prove that Dreher has his muzzleloader back...just two days after Seven-On-Your-Side first reported on his efforts to get it back.

"I'm positive that I would not have my gun right now if it hadn't of been for you,” says Dreher. “You know muzzleloader (season) is coming up. I need a gun."

Mark Morell doesn't necessarily need his gun back...but he really wants it back. He too dropped it off at P.J.'s Gunsmithing before the business closed.

"It's a Spanish FR-8,” says Morell. “It's a .308 caliber. It's 7.62 by 51...which is the NATO designation for the Winchester .308. And this one is distinctive in that it has a turn-down bolt, a scope and it's in a Monte Carlo stock."

Morell says the gun is a collector's antique. He trusted Patrick Daley to help bridge the gap between a new stock and the barrel

Now the gap is of the communication variety. As in...there is none.

"What is your fear?"

"Ah...that he sold it somewhere," says Morell.

"Do you think he has it?"

"I really don't know,” says Morell. “I've dealt with P.J. before. He has worked on other guns of mine and he has always been real prompt with them. He has serious back trouble and he wasn't able to work for a while on account of that."

Morell says Daley stopped taking his calls and now his phone is disconnected. We visited Patrick Daley's home once and we'll do it again if necessary.

Last week we were able to leave messages for Patrick Daley. This week when we call his number that is no longer possible.

Air date: July 10th, 2018

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