'Professional con-man' gets cut

Omar Rivers has been cut from a new job because the owner of the company who gave him a shot says he broke a golden rule. (KATV Photo)


A longtime tree cutter is worried that a recent decision could damage his hard-earned reputation.

He is learning a valuable lesson about the importance of knowing who you are doing business with.

Earlier this month a reputable tree service in Pine Bluff got a call from a man who was looking for work.

The owner of that company had no idea that man had just been featured in a Seven-On-Your-Side report.

David Watkins has been cutting down and hauling off trees for 35 years.

He says during that time he has made a few mistakes.

He says he made a big one a couple weeks ago when he agreed to meet with Omar Rivers.

"I thought he was kinda windy,” recalls Watkins about his meeting with Rivers. “I knew he was a real windy type person."

"Talks a lot."

"Talks a whole lot...he sure did,” agrees Watkins. “But I've figured out now he is a professional what he is."

Watkins agreed to let Omar Rivers find jobs for him. Rivers would be paid a 20% commission after the completion of any job he found.

"I had told this not take any money from anybody until we complete a job,” says Watkins. “And I went over there and come to find out he had took $500.00 you know from these people."

Watkins has cut ties with Omar Rivers.

But there is still a problem: Rivers put the name "Watkins Tree Service" all over his truck.

"But he's got your name on the side of his truck."

"Yes sir he does until I find that truck and get that sign off," says Watkins.

We reached Omar Rivers by phone. He says he blew the engine on that truck and it is in the shop.

Rivers also says he is currently in Maryland on a job and has been on that job for most of this month.

We're not convinced. If you see Omar Rivers or his truck let us know by emailing us at

In the past week we have also heard from another Mississippi resident who says Omar Rivers took a $2,500.00 deposit and has not returned to do any work.

Air date: July 26th, 2017

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