Property tax deadline looms

You get an extra day this year to pay up and support public schools and city/county services.


If you support public schools, if you like driving on safe roads and bridges and if you like having a place to place to put the bad guys...then you need to pay your personal property taxes.

We have a reminder of a fast-approaching deadline.

October 15th is the deadline to pay your personal property taxes without a penalty.

But October 15th is a Sunday. So you have until midnight Monday this year.

You can pay online. You can visit your county's treasurer's office and pay in person. You can put a check in the mail.

And if you have questions and live in Pulaski county, this year for the first time you can visit the treasurer's web site during normal working hours and enter a live chat room.

"We've opened up a new feature,” explains Bentley Hovis, Chief Deputy Treasurer. “If you get on our web site we are the first county in Arkansas to have a live chat. A chat button will pop up there and if you would like to talk to someone live click on the chat button and we will take you right to one of our customer service people who can answer your question right away."

Depending on where you live in Pulaski county, 64 to 80 percent of the property taxes collected help fund public schools.

The taxes on your land, vehicles, boats and trailers also helps finance city and county governments, libraries, road and bridge maintenance and children's hospital.

If everyone paid in full and on time, $488 million dollars will be paid in Pulaski county by Monday.

Of course not everyone pays in full and on time.

"We're at about 73 percent collections,” estimates Hovis. “And we'll probably take in another hundred million dollars or so in the next...between now and the deadline, which is Monday."

And Hovis says every year about five to six percent of the assessed taxes are not paid by the deadline in Pulaski county.

That's not spare change...that's about 25 million dollars.

If you mail in your payment make sure the envelope you use is postmarked no later than October 16th.

After that a ten percent late penalty will apply.

Air Date: October 11th, 2017

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