Reaffirming a prearrangement

A prepaid funeral plan that was supposed to be paid-in-full necessitated a call to Seven-On-Your-Side.


We have a success story to share from our Seven-On-Your-Side office tonight.

The couple making the complaint says they were impressed at how quickly and easily things were resolved.

“One thing that remains constant in life is change, and that is no different in the life of a business."

That was stated in a cordial "going out of business" letter that one Bryant family received from their funeral home last summer.

The letter states that any affiliated funeral home was "...prepared to honor your prearrangements exactly as you originally directed."

James and Marilyn Necessary had entered into a pre-arrangement plan twenty years ago...a plan that was now paid in full.

Still...the couple went to the new funeral home to introduce themselves and were dismayed to hear a different message.

"They were making the claim that we were $3,000.00...$3,000.00 plus dollars short in what we owed for our original mausoleum space which was done in 1998," recalls James Necessary.

Their CPA suggested to call Seven-On-Your-Side, and within days of our call to the new funeral home...the old agreement was back in place.

"We are very thankful for the effort you put forth,” says James. “I changed a problem from night to day. I mean it was that dramatic a change from the way they were talking to us...demanding more the fact that they were agreeing to fulfill our contract as written."

Because the new funeral home addressed the complaint we are not naming the business.

If you or your parents purchased a prepaid funeral plan it is always good to reaffirm that the contract is still in good standing...especially if it was paid for many years ago.

The Arkansas State Board of Embalmers, Funeral Directors and Burial Association is also set up to handle such complaints.

Air date: February 20th, 2018

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