Renter hot over lack of hot water

Utilities are included in the rent...but what good is that if the utilities aren't working?


For most of us, a hot bath simply requires turning a faucet on and turning it to the left.

But for one Little Rock man it has required the use of a pot and his stove.

That's because the hot water at Charles Williams' apartment complex is not working.

He says while his apartment and apartment complex looks good to the eye, its infrastructure is frustrating him.

Williams says during the summer it was the air conditioning. In the winter it can be the heat.

This week it has been the hot water.

"I pay $635.00 a month and it says all utilities paid,” says Williams. “But my utilities are not functioning. My water has been cold for three days straight."

Williams always pays his rent in full and on time and he expects better.

In fact, he acknowledges that things have been getting better at Spanish Jons apartments since a homicide in October.

Increased police patrols, new security cameras and the aggressive eviction of non-paying or problem causing tenants has helped provide a peace that didn't exist three months ago.

The apartments have been remodeled on the outside and so have many on the inside, including the unit Williams and his newborn son call home.

A new management company...Trinity Communities...took over two weeks ago and is implementing more improvement plans.

Fixing the boiler that serves Buildings C and D is high on that list.

"I mean...I've been very patient,” says Williams. “I've asked over and over again. Still no results so...I mean...I felt like I had to do this."

An apartment manager expects this hot water problem to be resolved by Friday. If so, Williams will not have to warm water on the stove anymore in order to bathe his newborn son...or himself.

We have asked the Little Rock police for crime statistics that may show recent evictions, security upgrades and increased patrols are working.

We'll let you know when we hear back.

Air date: January 18th, 2018

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