Residents want action regarding odors

Residents of a Jacksonville subdivision want complaints about sewer problems taken seriously.


Residents of one Jacksonville subdivision want Housing Authority employees to stop entering their homes unannounced.

But that problem is second on their list of concerns.

Life inside The Meadows looks better than it smells.

You would be hard-pressed to find a neighborhood of 55 homes as neatly kept as The Meadows in Jacksonville.

These women are grateful to live in affordable homes managed by the Jacksonville Housing Authority.

But they say because the rent is subsidized that property managers have the attitude that they should be grateful and not complain.

"Yes...that is definitely the attitude we get,” says Meadows resident Sharoya Porter. “ we have already heard our manager say out of her own mouth that we wasn't educated enough out here."

It doesn't take a degree to recognize raw sewage in the yard. And several homeowners have been dealing with this problem.

They say response times have been slow and solutions temporary.

"We can't call anyone,” says Porter. “We can't even call maintenance for a simple issue. We don't have anyone for 24-hour maintenance. They sent us something in the mail saying that we don't have that anymore. So if a problem occurs we just have to tough it up until they can come out here."

The Meadows is a special improvement district with its own sewer treatment plant.

The system is not gravity-based...each home has a pump that grinds wastewater and sends it up the hill to that station.

"Some of these women out here who are having issues with their grinder's overflowing and backing up into their homes,” says Meadows resident Lynn Carter. “Which is causing their homes to smell like sewer."

Meadows Improvement District Chairman Brian Boroughs says all those pumps will be cleaned within the next 7 to 10 days. He says it is necessary because of problems caused by socks, towels and especially grease...things that should not be flushed and can damage grinder pumps.

Burroughs also says he has had to put locks on some grinder pump boxes to prevent tampering.

Air date: October 10th, 2017

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