Resting easy under new roof

We failed to get the original contractor to fix his work so another contractor stepped in and stepped up.

BATESVILLE, Ark. (KATV) - Heavy rains won't keep an 86-year-old Batesville woman from sleeping soundly tonight.

That will be true for the first time in a long time.

Sometimes the best that we can do is tell you about a problem and hope that you can help.

Last month, the ceilings in Marge Phillips' century-old Batesville home were dripping.

“I was sitting at home watching Channel 7 and when I seen the lady talking about the water dripping on her bed, it just…I was like…this ain’t right,” says Maro Croff with Born to Roof. “Someone has got to do something.”

So Croff's crew climbed up and took a look.

It was soon obvious what the previous contractor, Robert Calaway of Duratec Homes, had done wrong.

“She has a low slope system on the back of the house,” says Croff. “He tried to use traditional roofing shingles. And, so that is not the proper install. So, what we have installed in an SA modified system, a commercial roof per se.”

Once the old roof was removed, new shingles were put on and the job was finally done right and for free.

“We couldn’t have done anything without Seven-On-Your-Side,” says a grateful Phillips. “And we sure appreciate it, There’s a lot of good people in the world yet. We can’t let one bad apple ruin the whole bunch. There are a lot of good people.”

So thanks to Born to Roof, Marge Phillips can once again rest easy even when it’s raining.

Home Depot in Batesville offered to donate the material for this job but the contractor opted to use his own material.

Air date: March 27th, 2018

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