Return of the Mouse

Carolyn Dillon feels better this week thanks to some kind KATV viewers.

Channel Seven viewers are giving hope, little by little, to a Little Rock woman still despondent over the loss of her Mickey Mouse collection.

The collection had been housed in the basement of a North Little Rock home in the Indian Hills area. But after the death of her mother, Carolyn Dillon Dover moved out of the home, leaving her prized collection behind. Her sister Charlotte Dillon later included the collection in an estate sale that spanned three weekends last spring.

Charlotte Dillon told us the collection didn't bring in much and all money was reinvested in the remodeling of the home, which will one day be sold and the proceeds divided among Mary Louise Dillon's four children.

"Why would my money from my belongings be put in to fix up the house?” Those were my personal belongings," Carolyn said. "[It] has nothing to do with the house."

The sale was billed as "Mickey Mania" and several Channel Seven viewers remembered it well. And after seeing our initial report, some of Carolyn's Mickey Mouse collectibles have been returned to her, including two snow globes, a charm bracelet and many more items Carolyn didn't think she would ever see again.

She still hopes to see money from the sale of her collection.

"I don't know what to do ... she has no intention of giving me anything," Carolyn said.

Carolyn said two lawyers have told her she has a good case. But she said she could not afford to hire either one.

Carolyn estimates that her Mickey Mouse collection was worth approximately $50,000.

Air date: Feb. 5, 2019

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