Roofer upsets 97 year-old

The owner of S and L Roofing out of Hot Springs has promised and failed to deliver on a refund after his crew failed to properly fix a leaking roof.


Heavy rains can test a roof.

And if you already know your roof won't pass such a test, then rain produces anxiety.

A hard rain or thunderstorm can be soothing for some people.

One Hot Springs Village man is not among those people.

97 year-old Melvin Doney says his roof still leaks around the chimney...despite paying a contractor $485.00 to fix the problem.

"They worked on it but they didn't fix it,” explains Doney. “It's been going on ever since."

To prove the job wasn't done correctly by K and L Roofing out of Hot Springs, we asked Rodney Goshien with R and R Roofing out of Saline county to inspect the job that was done.

Rodney used a water hose to demonstrate that the area around the rock chimney was not repaired correctly.

"He should have cut into the mortar and wrapped the rocks...he should have wrapped the rocks with metal and he wouldn't have this problem,” says Goshien.

When we first contacted the owner of K and L Roofing in January, Larry Tabor said he would refund Mr. Doney's money.

But two days later Tabor changed his mind.

"And he promises,” says Doney. “He promised to pay me. The first time I asked him for my money back I said put it in the mail. He said mail? I'll bring it up. That was his first words...I will bring it up. But he didn't."

"Come out here and do it right,” says Goshien. “And that way...and just help these people. Don't leave these people in a bind. Come out here and fix the roof like you should. You got paid to do the job. Come out here and do the job."

We invited Mr. Tabor to join us and look at the job his crew did on the roof. He declined, saying instead quote..."I’ll just haul your asses to court."

According to the Arkansas Better Business Bureau K and L Roofing has been in business for 51 years.

Air date: April 21st, 2017

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