Scam targets Arkansas taxpayers

A scam is targeting Arkansas taxpayers.


Earlier this month we told you about a scam targeting Arkansas vehicle owners.

Tonight Seven-On-Your-Side has a warning about a new scam taking aim at Arkansas taxpayers.

Have you received a call lately from the "IRS Department of Finance?"

If were likely told that you owe back taxes and your freedom is in jeopardy.

Scott Hardin says the reason he is aware of these phone calls is because the scammers are choosing to use "Department of Finance" in their phony agency title, and so Arkansans are calling DF&A.

"The caller says I am with the IRS Department of Finance,” says Hardin. “You owed this amount of money to the government. They don't say which government...whether it is federal or local. You just owe this amount of money and if you don't pay this immediately then your arrest is imminent."

Hardin says Arkansas callers report that the calls sound like they are coming from a large call center or phone bank. Hardin speculates that such a center is likely located in another country...beyond the reach of U.S. law enforcement.

While the vast-majority of the thousands of calls being made to Arkansans are unsuccessful, it only takes a few to make such an effort worthwhile for the scammers.

"If they can just find that one person who is willing to share that checking account, share that debit card number and they make a $5,000.00 profit then those 500 calls are worth it,” says Hardin. “We want to ensure that this scam is shut down in Arkansas. Let's keep Arkansans safe and make sure that everyone is aware of it."

Thankfully Hardin says he has not heard of anyone who has lost money to this particular scam this time around.

Remember...neither the IRS nor the Department of Finance will call you and threaten you about an alleged debt. If you get such a call, just hang up.

Air date: November 30th, 2018

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