Septic shock

A septic system pond should not smell if things are working right. Residents of one Pulaski county neighborhood say things are not working right.


Summer is coming.

That is what a group of rural Pulaski County neighbors fear.

Why? Problems with their neighbor's septic system.

A jet aeration septic system is basically an individual home wastewater treatment plant.

Instead of paying to have a septic tank pumped, this system aerates, chlorinates and empties treated wastewater into a lagoon pond near the home.

When working properly, there is no smell.

Those who live near the home at 8713 Hercules drive north of Jacksonville claim the septic system that serves that home is not working properly.

Last fall, when this photo of the home's septic system pond was taken, they say it was unbearable.

"I don't know if you have ever been around a septic system with the top off of it or not but it's pretty doggone crude, you know?” says neighbor Joe Nixon. “And that's basically what it is - raw sewage in that pond. And when the wind catches it, go inside. You can't stay out here."

There is no odor now and a septic system professional visited the property on Thursday and reports that the system is working as designed.

The Health Department has ordered property owner Gregory McFadden to sign a monitoring agreement every month since October.

McFadden has failed to respond.

"We're just frustrated over the constant smell,” says neighbor Ed Whitsell. “We know springtime is coming. We want to get out in our yards and do our yardwork and stuff. It comes up the same thing. The smell runs you out absolutely."

We called a phone number that Gregory McFadden listed on some court documents last year but were told it was a wrong number. Then the man who answered called back and demanded to know where we had gotten our "wrong" number. He claimed he knows McFadden but then refused to supply us with a "right" number.

Because of McFadden's failure to respond to the health department, an affidavit was filed against him with the prosecuting attorney's office Thursday.

Air date: March 1st, 2018

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