Side-hustle insurance

One Maumelle family hopes you will learn from their oversight.


Maybe it's your side-hustle. Maybe it is your main hustle. But if you are using your personal vehicle to earn money and get in an could wreck your finances.

Tonight we share the question you need to ask.

Colton Schott says when he signed up to be a Bite Squad delivery driver...he had to produce proof that he had car insurance.

But he wasn't asked if he had commercial delivery insurance...and says he wasn't told he needed it.

Schott didn't find that out until after he wrecked his 2016 Jeep Patriot on Resevoir road while delivering food to a Bite Squad customer.

"They wanted to know that we had insurance," recalls Schott of his orientation.

"But they didn't ask what kind?"

"But they didn't ask, you know, if we had commercial insurance," says Schott.

If you use your personal vehicle to transport people or deliver products like food, flowers, pizzas or newspapers you most likely need commercial vehicle insurance.

By the time the Schotts learned was too late.

"Immediately your heart goes to the bottom,” says Ray Schott, who co-signed the loan for his 24 year-old son. “I was like wait a minute...I helped him get the loan for the vehicle and the first thing that runs through your mind is we just lost $18,000.00."

Schott was making three to four hundred dollars as a Bite Squad delivery driver.

He says that won’t come close to making up for what this accident has cost him.

"The reason I got with you is I just want to get the word out what we have people driving around without insurance," explains Ray Schott.

"Or they have insurance...they just don't have the right kind."

"Or they don't have the right kind," agrees Schott.

The Schotts sold the wrecked Jeep Patriot on Wednesday for parts...netting just $1,650.00.

Bite Squad has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau, but that is primarily based on customer reviews...not employee reviews.

Air date: May 16th, 2018

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