Still in operation

A new complaint...this time from Montana...against an old Seven-On-Your-Side scoundrel.


It's been over a year since Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge filed a lawsuit promising to shut down a bad business.

But Jerry and Wendy Collins are still at it.

The Collins family has operated Nucold Refrigeration. RV Fridge House. RV Ice Box.

This month Wendy Collins told a Montana man: make out the check to RV Refrigeration Doctor.

We went to Plumerville to look for Collins and ask him about this recent well as the Attorney General's pending lawsuit against him.

No one answered the door at the shop where Collins signed for a check earlier this month...payment for a remanufactured cooling unit for an RV's refrigerator.

We called the business number and reached Jerry Collins' brother.

"I'm reading from this email...Wendy Collins told me it would not be a problem. They would ship the product FedEx on Monday, January 8th. You're saying that's not true?"

Jerry Collins has yet to respond to a lawsuit filed by the Arkansas Attorney General over a year ago.

The A.G.'s office asked Judge Wendell Griffen for a default judgment over five months ago.

Meanwhile...the complaints continue.

"This has gone on long enough,” says Meredith Shute in Montana. “These people...this is a business for them. They have done this for so long and with so many people...they just sit back. I mean they know what the next step is coming. They know how long they have to wait. They know how many phone calls they're going to get back. They know how to answer the phone and not answer the phone. I mean this is a business for them...taking peoples' money."

We have been assured that a refund will be sent to Shute in Montana after the part...which Collins claims was returned.

But promises of refunds have been broken in the past.

And the Attorney General's office tells us in a statement that it continues to wait on a ruling from Pulaski County Circuit Court.

Air date: January 23rd, 2018

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