Storage unit theft

Renters at a storage facility say they are victims of an inside job.


Appliances. Furniture. Boxes of belongings. All gone.

That is what a mother and daughter found when they visited their storage unit last month.

Now they are finding it hard to get justice or compensation.

Self-storage businesses offer their customers space for their stuff in a secure environment.

Without that security it is doubtful people would be willing to pay for such a place.

Juanita Robinson says it is the loss of photographs and family heirlooms that bother her the most.

"I know they are not going to be able to give me my baby pictures,” says Robinson. “My...the diploma. Just stuff like that they won't be able to give me back."

Robinson says sometime over the summer the storage unit she shares with her daughter at The Storage Place at 4607 Hoffman Road in Little Rock was cleaned out.

She wasn't told until she went in to make a payment in September.

Major appliances...a large purse equipment...all stolen.

The law allows a storage place owner to auction off the contents of a storage unit if a customer is more than 45 days delinquent and after notice of such an auction has been sent to the customer and put in the newspaper.

None of that occurred.

"Is there a suspect in this case?"

"Yes there is a suspect,” says Robinson. “But I don't know his name."

"But he worked here?"

"He worked here," says Robinson.

"And he doesn't work here anymore?"

"No he don't,” answers Robinson. “I mean when I came back a couple days later there was a new person here. And ah...I talked to the owner on the phone and he told me the guy is gone. He don't know where he went."

We visited with the out-of-state owner of The Storage Place. He was wary of speaking with the news media but did say he has cooperated fully with police as they investigate this theft and a former property manager was fired for suspected theft.

Robinson says that her daughter bought $1,000.00 worth of insurance when she rented the unit but has so far been unable to file a claim.

Air date: October 31st, 2018

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