Stuttgart pump prices slow to fall

Gas prices in Stuttgart have been slow to fall. (Photo courtesy: KATV)

STUTTGART (KATV) - Arkansas motorists have been enjoying lower gasoline prices, but some southeast Arkansas residents have been wondering why prices aren't falling faster in their city.

We traveled to Arkansas County to hear them out.

According to, the lowest price you can find in Arkansas for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline right now is $1.70.

The lowest price in Stuttgart is over 40 cents a gallon more than that.

In nearby Dewitt, also in Arkansas county, we found gas selling for $1.89 a gallon.

Dumas was a bit more at $1.97.

Sheridan was a bit less at $1.88.

The best price we found in southeast Arkansas was in Drew County where Monticello motorists can fuel up for $1.83 a gallon.

But in Stuttgart, known as a duck capital and a rice capital, filling up your tank takes a lot more of your capital.

"Gasoline has never gone below a dollar...two dollars a gallon here in Stuttgart," says Robert Chambers of Stuttgart.

There are other cities in this part of the state still over the $2.00 mark.

For example, Pine Bluff has stations selling regular unleaded for $2.04 and in Humphrey it's $2.09.

But Stuttgart stations seem to be the most stubborn when it comes to dropping the price at the pump.

Chambers says the higher price hits the poor the hardest.

"The vast majority of people here in Arkansas County specifically, Jason, live at or below the national poverty level,” says Chambers. “I think it's like 75 percent of the people."

"So the price they pay for gasoline takes a bigger chunk out of their budget."

"It does," answers Chambers.

Chambers says there are about a dozen gas stations in the city of just over 9,000 people.

He believes if just one would lower prices that the others would follow.

And we also visited with Stuttgart's newly elected mayor about gas prices in his city. David Earney says he has no explanation why gas prices in Stuttgart remain higher than surrounding communities.

Air date: January 4th, 2018

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