Tenant tossed...she says for calling code enforcement

A tenant claims she was evicted for calling Code Enforcement.


They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

But as Seven-On-Your-Side sometimes discoversthe squeaky wheel can get evicted.

Her official eviction notice states that Cynthia Bailey is being tossed out of her apartment because she got behind on rent.

But she says the real reason is she complained to Code Enforcement about her living conditions.

Two weeks ago Cynthia Bailey delivered a baby boy into the world.

On Wednesday a process server delivered her and her newborn an eviction notice.

"Where is there to go?” asks Bailey. “Besides family members or a shelter or this or that? You don't want to go back to no shelter. You don't want to family members. Not like that." least for now...lives at Cedar Ridge apartments off of West 51st street in Little Rock.

She says there are only about seven families left at the complex.

Mail delivery to tenants here stopped months ago and Bailey says getting anything fixed has become an ordeal.

A Code Enforcement officer visited Bailey's apartment at her invitation on March 21st.

He found no life safety issues but he did note several repairs needed to be made in the living room, bathroom and two bedrooms.

Two months later the enforcement officer visited again and noted that nothing had changed...all the problems still existed.

Management did take out some wet carpet...but it hasn't been replaced and Bailey says mold remains.

Bailey says when she tried to pay rent for September the apartment manager refused to take her money.

"I went up there with my check and everything...past due amount and everything...late fees...everything,” recalls Bailey. “And she said she wasn't going to accept my rent because I called the Code Enforcement."

The apartment manager for Cedar Heights was out of the office at training and unavailable for comment.

A coalition plans to push for greater rights for renters during the upcoming legislative session.

Air date: October 17th, 2018

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