The do's and dont's of Doxo

A NLR woman has her power cut-off after paying her bill. We explain why.


There are many ways to pay a bill: auto bank draft, through the mail, in person.

One bill pay service that seeks to attract those who want to consolidate and go paperless.

And that is how Shasta Odom wanted to pay her electric bill.

So she searched “North Little Rock Electric online bill pay.”

Of the first five returns on her search, four directed her to North Little Rock Electric's web site.

But the top return...which is what she chose...took her to a third-party bill pay site:

There she signed up to pay her bill, which was already past due but had not yet reached shut off status.

She thought her payment would be instant. But the next day...her power was shut off for non-payment.

"I called North Little Rock Electric to find out why because I had made my payment,” says Odom. “They said they never...they hadn't received a payment. Nowhere. So then when I started telling her about a web site she told me that I had probably paid through a web site that was not of their own."

Doxo helps nearly three million people pay bills...usually for a fee and usually via a mobile device.

The goal is to unify and simplify the bill paying process.

But there can be a three to five-day lag time between when Doxo gets your money and when a North Little Rock Electric...gets your money.

If you want a bill paid on time you had best pay Doxo early.

Doxo's use of company logos has created confusion and caused some to issue alerts or warnings to customers...making sure that it is clear that dealing with Doxo is not dealing with them.

"It's very misleading,” warns Odom. “Very misleading. Like I said as soon as I logged off I assumed that my bill was paid."

According to Doxo close to 1,000 North Little Rock Electric customers use their service to pay their bill. The money Odom routed to the utility arrived Thursday.

North Little Rock Electric charges $3.25 to pay your bill online. Doxo charged Odom $5.25.

Air date: January 11th, 2018

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