The search for gunsmith gone under

Guns are missing so the effort to get them back is on.


Channel Seven viewers step up and help Seven-On-Your-Side find a former store owner.

Jason Pederson reports on what happened when he paid that man a visit.

A gun shop closing its doors and taking off with customers' weapons may seem like a criminal act to you...but it is not according to the minds that decide such matters in Saline county.

When Lem Dreher called Seven-On-Your-Side hoping we could help him get his muzzle loader back from the now closed P.J.'s Gunsmithing in Benton, we wondered why we had not heard from more gun owners looking for their weapons.

"There were a lot of other guns when you dropped yours off. Do you imagine there are other people in your situation?"

“A ha...I bet there's other people too that need their gun back," says Dreher.

On May 2nd a 62 year-old Benton man contacted police in an attempt to retrieve the weapon he had left with gun shop owner Patrick Daley. Daley was being paid to Duracoat the weapon.

On May 9th a 58 year-old Benton man also contacted police to report that his gun...left with Daley to repair a broken extractor...was also missing.

Benton police contacted the prosecutor's office and were told that "...this is a civil matter and all reports would have to be filed through civil proceedings."

We asked viewers on Thursday to help us find Patrick Daley and they directed us to a home off of Sunnybrook road in Salem. A “No Trespassing” sign prevented us from knocking on the door but by honking our horn we did get a man to pull back the curtains. He refused to come out however.

We left a note for Daley on the mailbox and hope he will call us soon to discuss the whereabouts of not only Mr. Dreher's weapon but the guns of other customers as well

If you left a gun at P.J.'s Gunsmithing in Benton and have not been able to get it back, email us at and tell him your story.

Air date: July 6th, 2018

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