Tow Storm blows back to Texas

The owner of a wrecker service lost his license in Texas...but went back after business went bad in Arkansas.


It appears that Seven-On-Your-side has helped usher a towing company out of the state and back to Texas.

The state agency that governs towing companies is glad to see this business hit the road.

Complaints against Tow Storm Towing started rolling in only weeks after the wrecker service set up shop in Little Rock.

Thankfully there will be no more as Tow Storm Towing has left the Natural State and returned to the Lone Star State.

And we have the photographs to prove it...sent to us by interested parties in Texas.

They show Tow Storm's two trucks parked at 3201 South Cravens in Fort Worth.

"Arkansas consumers should be worry free about having to deal with Tow Storm," says Steve Rogers with the Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board.

"And is that good in your opinion?"

"In my opinion that is very good," says Rogers.

Tow Storm entered into agreements with apartment complexes to patrol their lots.

The company towed resident vehicles for minor offenses like backing into a parking space, parking over a dividing line, leaking fluids or having expired tags.

It was the same behavior that forced owner Nick Massey to flee Texas after regulators there cracked down on him.

Seven-On-Your-Side gave voice to people whose vehicles had been towed, apartment complexes banned Tow Storm from their properties and allegations of unauthorized tows were being investigated.

We were there when Pulaski county deputies took an inventory of Tow Storm's lot.

All those cars were moved to Metro Towing in Alexander. Over 30 are still there waiting to be claimed by owners. A charge of about $70.00 is all it will cost to get a vehicle back.

Massey arrived in Arkansas not a fan of the police...and he left likely not a fan of Arkansas.

"F___ the police,” Massey spewed in a Facebook video posted last year on the day Texas revoked his towing license. “I'm towing f___ing cars whether they f___ing like it or not. F___ he police. Ha!"

Massey has a hearing next week before the Arkansas Towing and Recovery Board. It is unlikely he will show up.

Anyone who has yet to claim a vehicle towed by Tow Storm Towing should contact Metro Towing.

Air date: September 14th, 2017

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