Tow Storm subsided

For the second time in as many states a tow truck operator has had his license revoked.  


An Arkansas tow truck operator is gone...and a state board took action today to help ensure that he stays gone.

It is the final nail in the coffin of Tow Storm Towing.

Nick Massey came to Arkansas with a business plan that was not only was arguably immoral.

When Massey approached central Arkansas apartment complexes to convince them to let his wreckers patrol their lots and take care of parking violators...he knew what he was doing.

It was a formula he had employed in Texas as Excalibur Towing.

Now Tow Storm Towing was targeting a population of people least able to fight back.

"He appears to have specifically went after the underprivileged, minority complexes in the greater Little Rock area while doing this,” testified state towing board investigator Tracy Watson.

Massey explained to a state investigator that his "...impound fee has to be high enough to teach dumb people not to park illegally. If you're charging them $75.00 they won't learn their lesson. $250.00 gets their attention..."

Vehicles were towed in the middle of the night...without any request or complaint...for minor offenses.

"She was told that the reason her vehicle was towed was because it was backed in to her parking spot as opposed to face in parking," testified Watson.

"I'm trying to be the good guy here," former Tow Storm employee Danny Thompson told board members.

Thompson worked for Massey and was one of the drivers towing people's livelihoods away for being parked over a dividing line or for having expired tags.

"When I found out things were being operated outside of the realm of the law I was like...I can't do this," testified Thompson.

The board voted unanimously to fine Massey $3,000.00, revoke his towing license and ordered restitution paid to the three formal complainants.

Many of the vehicles towed from Bella Vista, Spanish Jon's and other apartment complexes remain at Metro Towing waiting for owners to claim them.

Air date: September 19th, 2017

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