TSA slow to respond after theft

Airport security has created a sense of insecurity for one man who traveled through Little Rock.


When the TSA saw surveillance video of one of their Little Rock employees stealing $580.00 from a traveler the agency was quick to fire her.

But refunding the stolen money is going at an entirely different pace.

A snail's pace...even by government standards.

The traveler in question lives in Costa Rica but has family here in Little Rock.

And those family members want you to know...he has run out of patience.

"It's frustrating,” says Drew Irwin, Davis’ son-in-law. “Ridiculous. A sign of a lot of confusion and bureaucracy."

Robert Davis faxed claims forms from Costa Rica to TSA on April 4th.

He was told more than a month later that because of the unusual nature of the incident that upper management would be handling the claim.

In June, Davis was told a decision on his claim was four to six weeks away.

In September the TSA told him his claim would be resolved as soon as practicable.

And in TSA's last December...Davis was told that progress was being made resolving older claims and the agency would get to his claim as soon as they can.

With the TSA having its own surveillance video of the crime, Davis and his family can't understand why it is taking so long to review his claim and return his money.

"I really appreciate the fact that Seven-On-Our-Side would take the time to do this because if there is a problem people need to know that TSA...which is supposed to be a place that is about our safety...they need to know that maybe they need to be more careful about TSA," says Irwin.

We didn't get an explanation for the delay from TSA but we did get a statement from press secretary Lisa Farbstein.

She tells us that TSA anticipates issuing a decision within the next few days and will communicate that decision to Mr. Davis at that time.

The suspect in this case was not prosecuted because it would have required Mr. Davis to return from Costa Rica to press charges.

Air date: January 10th, 2018

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