Unwelcome pump price surprise

One pump at one LR gas station is overcharging for regular unleaded.


There is good news tonight for spring break travelers: fuel prices have been falling.

Prices for a gallon of regular unleaded can be found for less than $2.20 around central Arkansas.

But there are reports tonight about a possible problem at one station's pump.

When you pick regular unleaded you expect to pay for regular unleaded.

That is not happening at one Little Rock pump.

Michael Tollett of Jacksonville brought the problem to our attention.

"When I got to ten gallons I looked and the price was well over the $21.60 which would have been the price for it,” says Tollett. “I went ahead and stopped at 30 and then printed the receipt...which I hardly ever do...and noticed that the receipt showed $2.41 a gallon."

Tollett was gassing up at the quick mart Exxon off of Fouche Dam Pike in Little Rock just off Interstate 440 near the Little Rock airport.

The advertised price for regular unleaded is $2.16 per gallon. But he was charged $2.41 per gallon...the price for unleaded plus.

The store owner said he must have pressed the wrong button.

So Tollett used his cell phone to record himself buying another gallon of gas from pump three...again choosing 87 octane but again being charged for 89 octane.

After watching the video Tollett says the store owner refunded the difference.

But he is hoping for more than that.

"I would hope that they would correct it, number one,” says Tollett. “I would hope that if other customers notice or at least take a look at your receipt when you push it...make sure it is not happening."

We fueled up at pump #3 and got the same results. Other customers using other pumps were charged correctly…so the problem may be isolated to the one pump. The store owner says he will check things out Wednesday morning.

We have also alerted the Bureau of Standards to the problem and an investigator will be checking out the problem as well.

Air date: March 13th, 2018

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