The death of an original

Seven On Your Side honors the life of Gene Goss but continuing to do what he loved to do: help people.


Seven-On-Your-Side lost an original last week.

Gene Goss of Sherwood took the first phone call when we opened our Seven-On-Your-Side office thirty years ago.

Gene would continue to answer phones and help Arkansans for 22 years. He died at the age of 93.

To honor Gene, we share a Seven-On-Your-Side success story tonight.

Gene Goss helped so many people over the years. And our volunteers continue to help people. People like Ed Jones of North Little Rock.

When you call Seven-On-Your-Side on any given Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning you never know who will answer the phone to help you with your problem.

"He was going to pay me back within the next week,” recalls Jones. “And that didn't happen. The money was loaned the 4th of May. Get the money back the 10th with some interest money. But that was attractive and not attractive. It was more helping somebody out."

Ed Jones says he loaned a contractor $3,100.00 so he could finish repairing a church's air conditioning system.

Later he called Seven-On-Your-Side after learning he had been duped.

There was no repair job. And there was no repayment of his money.

At least not until Seven-On-Your-Side got involved.

"I'm not pattin' you on your back,” says Jones. “I'm just tellin' you…you do good work. What you say happens. When you start talking to people about issues like this they seem to come around. It gets their attention."

"Would you advise others in a similar situation to contact us?"

"Absolutely,” says Jones. “Absolutely. Got my money back."

Jones has a friend who also loaned this contractor $3,100.00 and we were also able to help get that man repaid as well.

If you have a problem and need some help, you can contact Seven-On-Your-Side by calling 501-324-4357 or by sending an email to

Air date: August 9th, 2017

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