Without power...but not powerless

Entergy says if a family without electricity wants the power turned back on, the solution is simple.


After living without electricity for over a month, a Conway county family says falling temperatures may force them to move out.

Seven-On-Your-Side got the call for help...and so did their landlord.

And this is a landlord who rewards good tenants by cutting their December rent in half to help them out over the holidays.

Now he is unfortunately dealing with a whole lot of drama at one of his rental properties.

It started in June when electricity was cut off to this mobile home for non-payment. The meter was removed.

A month later someone had installed a stolen meter...and was stealing electricity.

So in August Entergy cut off power to the power pole.

"I don't know what the tampering deal is all about,” says William Looney, the owner of the property. “I really don't. Don't know who could have done it...if it has been done...or nothing."

"Do you think your current tenant tampered with the meter?"

"No I do not,” says Looney. “They're the ones that wanted it so bad that I don't believe they messed with it at all."

Now a new tenant says she is being asked to pay for the past resident's misdeeds.

"So what are they saying you need to do to get electricity?"

"That I have to pay for the previous tenant's tampering,” says Teresa Litch, who now lives in the home with her six year-old son and three year-old daughter. “And that is going to be $420.00 before I can ever get power turned on here."

Actually Entergy says there is an easier...and cheaper...solution.

The company has asked Litch to simply prove she was living somewhere else over the summer and the power will be turned back on.

"If we can't get this fixed soon...within the next week...I mean I plan on moving,” says Litch. “Getting out. I have to. I can't stay here with two kids and no power. It's impossible. It's getting cold."

Entergy wants a water bill, a pay stub, a lease agreement...anything from the summer with Litch's name on it that shows a different address.

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Air date: November 7th, 2017

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