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A Beebe homeowner says she didn't get anywhere near the $10,000.00 she paid for a remodeling project.


The goal of our Seven-On-Your-Side office is to help solve problems, not put people on TV.

But if promises are broken and problems persist, sometimes we are left with no other choice.

Last month a Beebe handyman begged us not to put him on TV...promising to go back and complete a remodeling job to the satisfaction of both the homeowner and the city inspector.

One month later...little has changed.

James Young of Young's Handyman Service was hired in September by 74 year-old Rebecca Kirk to tear up bad flooring in her Beebe home, repair and replace bad joists and supports and install new vinyl flooring.

He was also to replace a back door repair walls where necessary.

"It doesn't seem like this project has gone very smoothly, does it?"

"No sir, it hasn't,” agreed Young in a telephone interview. “It's been one hiccup after another hiccup after another hiccup."

"So who is to blame for that?"

"Um...some me,” says Young. “Some for lack of communication from the code enforcers and everything else."

Kirk found an ad for Young's Handyman Service on Facebook. What she didn't find out until after she paid him $10,000.00 was that Young lacks the license required by law to do her project.

"You have had some experts come over...the contractors licensing board and the inspector here in Beebe. What have they said about the work they have seen?"

"They said it wasn't any good,” says Kirk. “That's what they said. That it wasn’t done right. That's what they said."

"I tried to please the customer and homeowner,” says Young. “Sorry that things haven't worked out the way they and me hoped they would. And that once I hear from the code enforcers I'll try to make it right by the refund."

Getting licensed, finishing the job and/or refunding money will all help Young when he appears before the Arkansas Contractor's Licensing Board next month.

That hearing is set for January 24th. It will be a busy one as four dozen cases are on the agenda.

Air date: December 19th, 2019

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