You've been warned: Mabelvale Automotive

Mabelvale Automotive and Chester Sanders is back on Seven-On-Your-Side.


Police have told her it is a civil dispute, but a Little Rock woman says a mechanic has stolen her vehicle.

It appears that Anna Phifer will need the help of an attorney if she is ever going to see her vehicle again.

Phifer arrived for our interview in a taxi.

She has been without transportation since her 2010 GMC Terrain broke down in mid-March outside of a Little Rock auto parts store.

Chester Sanders at Mabelvale Automotive agreed to tow the vehicle to his shop and perform a diagnostic test to determine what was wrong for a price of $200.00.

"I called him on May 15th to give him an update and let him know that I was going to send a tow truck to pick my car up from his shop,” says Phifer. “And he told me he was adding in an additional $100.00. So I said that's fine. So I came here to pick it up and he told me can't pick up your car. You owe me $2,500.00."

Sanders did no additional repairs but unbeknownst to Phifer was charging her $45.00 a day for storage.

In September another Mabelvale Automotive customer told police that after Sanders had agreed to allow them to store their vehicle at his shop for free they learned "…that the vehicle had been put in storage, which they would be charged for."

Over the past year police have been called to disputes involving Sanders about twice a month.

In one, a female customer alleged that "Mr. Sanders while getting the keys struck her in the face around the mouth area causing some swelling."

Another woman alleged that "Mr. Sanders hit her in the stomach 1 time, and she is 5 months pregnant."

"He preys on women who don't know much about cars,” says Phifer. “They don't have a male figure that, you know, can kind of steer them in the right direction. And so he definitely preys on women."

Sanders refused to do an on-camera interview but says he has Phifer's vehicle in storage and her fees for storage now top $3,500.00.

The finance company told us Sanders reported to them he put a new transmission in Phifer's vehicle and her total bill approaches $6,000.00.

Air date: June 1st, 2018

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