Arkansas Women’s Hall of Fame accepting nominations


Holly Fish, the president of the Arkansas Women's Hall of Fame was on Good Afternoon Arkansas Monday talking about how they are now accepting nominations for the next class.

Nominations may be made for specifically named individuals or for a group or class of women who may have been jointly associated with a significant event or movement.

Nominations are accepted online through April 6th at

The goal of the Arkansas Women’s Hall of Fame (AWHOF) is to honor, in perpetuity, women whose contributions have influenced the direction of Arkansas in their community or the state. The AWHOF inducts contemporary (living) or historical (deceased) women who have been born in and achieved prominence within the state, or been a resident of Arkansas for an extended period after achieving prominence here or elsewhere and have:

? made significant and enduring contributions to their field of endeavor, professional or otherwise.

? impacted the social, cultural, economic or political well being of the community, state or nation.

? elevated the status of women and positively impacted women and girls.

? helped open new frontiers for women and for society in general.

? inspired others by their example.

The Arkansas Women's Hall of Fame depends on members of the public to nominate extraordinary women for induction. Nominations are accepted from organizations or individuals throughout the state. A diverse group of Arkansas citizens is recruited to act as a selection committee. The selection committee reviews all nominations, performs additional research if necessary, and selects nominees for induction into the Arkansas Women's Hall of Fame.

The women inducted into the Hall of Fame have made a major impact on the lives of others and helped to elevate the status of women in our state, our nation, and, in some case, around the world. When choosing someone to honor, the selection committee considers the following questions:

? Is the nominee a current or former resident of Arkansas?

? How has she positively elevated the status and positively impacted women and girls?

? Has she helped open new frontiers or women and society in general?

? Is the community and/or state better for the contributions of the nominee?

? Are people in general better because of the accomplishments of the nominee?

? Are women in Arkansas, the region and/or the U.S. better, has their status improved, or have opportunities increased for women because of the life and contributions of the nominee?

? Is the nation, world or particular discipline, profession, or field better because of the contributions of the nominee?

Various categories of disciplines, professions or fields may include but are not limited to: Arts, Athletics, Business, Community Service, Conservation, Education, Government, Health, the Humanities, Philanthropy, Politics, Sciences and Theology among others.

The 4th annual Arkansas Women’s Hall of Fame ceremony to be held on Aug. 30, 2018 at the Statehouse Convention Center.

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