Breathe It In Salt Rooms

Inside a salt room at Breathe It In. (Photo KATV)

Health trends are on the rise and we are seeing more pop up around central Arkansas. Specifically, we are talking about the health benefits from a salt room. Breathe It In Salt Room celebrates two years of helping with respiratory and skin issues.

“Any kind of eczema, psoriasis, acne, dermatitis. It’s like being at the beach, when you go in the salt water it clears up your skin; same concept with the salt therapy” said owner Kelly Fernandez. “Breathing it in helps clean out your respiratory system, it cleans out your sinuses, all that mucus, bacteria buildup, pollutants from your everyday environment.”

Two rooms are available which are covered in 99.9% pharmaceutical grade Sodium Chloride which does not raise blood pressure nor does it make you retain water. So how does this all work?

“So it kind of looks like you are in a snow globe. There is salt on the floor and salt on the walls. Take your shoes off; you wear your socks in the room or you can go barefoot, whichever one you prefer. But you just relax in the room for 45 minutes and take a nap and breathe in the salt and let it go on your skin” said Fernandez.

Breathe It In says, salt therapy also helps with migraines, COPD, and asthma issues. This all comes through a slow buildup inside your body.

“It takes more than one time. You really want to get it built up in your system. Over time, a couple weeks at least then you can kind of taper off and do it as a maintenance. A lot of people get it mixed up with well I went in that one time and I still have allergies. Well if you take medicine, a one dose of something like an antibiotic it’s not going to fix your problem. You have to continue it; you have to get it in your system” said Fernandez.

According to the owner, salt therapy is 100% natural and drug free which means it’s safe for people of any age.

Take a look inside with the interview below.

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