Eight-year-old boy receives an escort to school

Hundreds of bikers gathered to escort Alex to school. (Photo KATV)

Meet Alex Bruorton, or “One Shot” in the biker community. He’s full of energy and smiles. About a year and a half ago, Alex was diagnosed with Cloves Syndrome, which means his muscles, tissues, and bones don’t stop growing. Because of this, Alex is bullied at school.

“Monday morning, he was sick in the bathroom and he wouldn’t come out,” said Alex’s mother, Nichole Bruorton. “I finally sat and talked to him through the door and he let me in and finally told me what was going on at school and I had no idea.”

“How I feel about Alex when I see kids bullying him; I feel like Alex. I feel like him; sad,” said Alex’s best friend, Briley Hild.

A Facebook event was created called the Alex Anti-Bullying Biker Rally. This led to hundreds of bikers and supporters meeting at Sherwood Forest Park to escort Alex to school.

“I think most of us feel that when we were kids, we were in a bullying situation,” said Don Null, member of ABATE 13. “Back then, it wasn’t as prevalent as now, but it was still there.”

“Thank you for coming. This is very nice of everybody to do this for me,” said Alex. “I did not expect for this many people to care about me that much in the entire world.”

“This is amazing. The turn out and support and all the messages that we have received on Facebook and on his page - thank you,” said Nichole.

Alex had a heart warming escort to Sherwood Elementary School, where all his fans dropped him off. And as Alex would say… “This is going to be an amazing day."

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