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This month I tried out a product called Gel Moment. Gel Moment is a do it yourself gel manicure.

To put on the product, you simply file and buff your nails, push back your cuticles, paint a thin layer of the Gel Moment nail polish on two fingers and then place your nails under the Gel Moment LED lamp.

The curing process of the nail polish takes about 30-45 seconds depending on which lamp you have. They also sell a lamp that does four fingers at a time. After the lamp turns off, you can continue the process on your other nails and then go back for a second layer and curing process under the LED lamp. Overall, the product is as easy as painting your nails. I was impressed that my nails were completely dried and ready to go after being under the LED lamp-seriously! You can go straight to using your hands right when it's done. The company says it can last up to 14 days.

So I have to admit, I was skeptical about the product because when I go to the salon for a shellac or gel manicure, after about three days I can peel it right off. Shellac manicures from the salon do not work for me. I'm told it's because I have oily skin, thus making your nail beds oily as well. I was truly expecting the same problem with Gel Moment. After 10 days of wearing it, I don't have a single chip, dent or scratch in my nails. They've really held up, and I can honestly say that I have never experienced that with any polish, ever.

You can purchase the nail polish for $25 and the LED lamp for $25 or buy a starter kit with everything you need, which is a better deal overall.

Basically it ends up being around the same cost as a shellac manicure at the salon, but with a bottle of Gel Moment polish, you get around 20 manicures out of it.

I'm a fan! 5 stars. Gel Moment is a direct sales company

I had Kathryn Davis on the show, who sells it in Arkansas.

Here's how to reach her:

Kathryn's Facebook


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