Glam Lab: individual eyelash extensions


Interested in trying out individual eyelash extensions?

I've been trying them out now for several months. Overall, I love them.

I used Mack Rae Permanent Cosmetics in Sherwood. Compared to buying strip eyelashes, (about $8) it's more expensive to have someone individually attach singular fake eyelashes to your natural ones.

Most places run more than $100 to get them put on your first time, then about every 2 to 3 weeks, you go in to have them refilled. The first session takes a couple of hours (it's a very meticulous process, but you just lay there and relax). Refills take about an hour. Refills at Mack Rae are $35, but I've seen them for more at other places.

If you're a person who is used to rubbing your eyes, lash extensions are not for you. It actually helped me break my habit. You have to be very careful when you take your eye make-up off. Another person who has extensions told me to use a q-tip to remove make up.

You can't use anything oil based or it will make the lashes come off. You can get them wet with soap and water and you can swim in them. I wore them the whole time on a cruise and didn't have any problems.

Eventually your natural lashes will shed and the extensions will fall out, which is why you need the refills (think of it like acrylic nails, they grow out).

It's amazing to wake up with eye make-up on and that I love. No more fooling with strip lashes flying off my eyes in the wind and coming off when I'm sweaty or when my eyes water.

You definitely have to be more careful with your eyes when you have them, but as someone who turns 30 this year, I needed to stop rubbing them anyway (yay wrinkles).

If you're a gal on the go, a busy mom or working in a profession like nursing, these would be perfect for you. For a news anchor, eyelash extensions are a game changer.

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