L & M Salon shares dry shampoo tips

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Carrie Wood and fellow stylist Christie Hensley from L & M Salon in Greenbrier have dry shampoo tips everyone needs to know if you're not planning on washing your hair every day.

They say you should "Lather, Rinse, Dry Shampoo 2-3 days, Repeat."

How does Dry Shampoo actually work? It contains ingredients that trap dirt and oils to "freshen" the hair.

Is there any harm to overuse Dry Shampoo? Some brands contain aluminum and that can be drying causing breakage, or build-up.


Clarify your hair first with a good detoxifying shampoo * this is like using makeup remover before you use you "good" face wash."

Wash and Cleanse


Day 2, 3, and sometimes 4 and 5 for those thick heads of hair that aren't oil-prone use a GOOD professional Dry Shampoo that is safe for your scalp to be able to breathe as well as the condition of your hair.


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