Limeades for Learning gives back for classroom projects

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Teachers are filling the classrooms with projects and resources to educate their students in stimulating ways.

For example, the Osmo game system allows students to learn how to code and count money. Kindergartner from Amboy Elementary School, William Wright explains..

“You have to draw and it’s like I might need something,” said Wright. “I need this or I need that and you draw a picture of it and show it to the camera. You press ready and then, poof, it’s done.”

Funding for the projects doesn’t come easily and that’s where teachers turn to a particular grant for help.

“During the month of October, Sonic really steps up and they do Limeades for Learning,” said Rachel Hritz, Kindergarten teacher at Amboy Elementary School. “Every time you order a drink, there is a little ticket on your drink and that ticket has a code that is worth two points towards your project. Sonic funds the project with the highest amount of votes at the end of each week in October.”

“It’s free I mean you put out a project and if you get funded that’s wonderful and if you don’t, you tried,” said Elena Reyes Lovins, Gifted and Talented Teacher at Amboy Elementary School. “If you work hard and you work with your colleagues and work with your parents, you get different materials for your classroom that you might not otherwise get.”

Materials such as a writing center, rugs, iPads, stem games, and laptops are just some of those projects that were funded.

“We are doing Ozobots and we are making a maze,” said 4th grader, Brionna Young.

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