Single Parent Scholarship opportunity in Pulaski County

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“I want to help people with nutrition,” said Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Pulaski County recipient, Karen O’Keefe.

Karen O’Keefe is back in school pursuing her dream of nutrition and food. As a single parent, she is able to crack open those books with help from a scholarship.

“Our scholarship program is made up of students who are truly committed. We have a 90% success rate if graduating or staying in school,” said Lori Lynch, Executive Director of SPSF of PC. “When a student becomes part of our program, our ultimate goal is that diploma with them. “

The Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Pulaski County has given students a hand up for over 25 years which has invested 2.6 million dollars in scholarships back into the community.

“A friend of mine told me about it, and once I started looking for scholarships and ways to help me get through this as a single parent I started researching their program and applied and was accepted. They have just been absolutely wonderful,” said O’Keefe.

Fifty students are in the program at all times and applications are accepted twice a year.

“Funding is 1,000 dollars a semester and that is a reimbursable scholarship. It doesn’t go to the college or the university to be used for tuition or books, it actually goes to the student. They are able to use it for childcare, gas, anything that they need to make their path a little easier during that semester,” said Lynch.

The scholarship provides extra funding, but it also comes with a group of cheerleaders.

“Someone was willing to have my back through school and understand, be around other women that understand what I go through on a daily basis and just to have that support,” said O’Keefe.

To apply, click here.

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