Studies for expectant moms now open at Arkansas Children's Nutrition Center


Lauren Ramsey with the Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center was on Good Afternoon Arkansas talking about how expectant moms at all stages can get involved in studies.

The Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center is one of only six USDA Nutrition research centers in the United States. They perform research that will have a positive impact on the health of children and families in Arkansas and beyond.

Participating in a study allows a unique opportunity for our community to be a part of helping kids have healthier tomorrows by participating in a research study.

They are currently enrolling several studies which includes:

-Pregnant mom’s less than 12 weeks to 36 weeks along

-Kids of all ages from 3 month old babies to 10 year olds.

ACNC pregnancy studies:

Expecting mothers less than 12 weeks along is investigating how a mother’s health and physical activity during pregnancy may influence her child’s growth & development.

Randomized study where half of our mom’s that enroll come and exercise up to 3 times per week with our personal trainer on staff.

Monetary compensation is provided as well as a 1 year supply of diapers for our participants.

Long term study starts at 12 weeks pregnant and we follow until baby turns 2 years old.

Prenatal Probiotic study:

Also for mom’s less than 12 weeks along, looking at the benefits of taking probiotics for mom & baby during pregnancy.

Shorter study starting at 12 weeks pregnant until baby is 2 weeks old – monetary compensation during pregnancy and a 6 month supply of diapers for completing the 2 week old visit.

Sweet Pea:

Is our shortest pregnancy study only 2 visits at 36 weeks pregnant and when baby turns 2 weeks old.

This study is comparing mom’s health during pregnancy and child’s brain development.

This does include an MRI with baby, but they always make sure our moms are informed and understand the purpose and use of the MRI. It does not use radiation, an MRI uses a magnetic field to create images of the brain.

Again monetary compensation at pregnancy visit and a 6 month supply of diapers for completing the 2 week old visit.

To sign up for a study, go to or call 501-364-3309.

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