Tales of the Crypt at Mount Holly Cemetery

Tales of the Crypt takes place the second Tuesday of October. (Photo KATV)

In the depths of Mount Holly cemetery lay tales. Stories that were once alive and significant are being brought back through Tales of the Crypt.

“We have students from Parkview where we have select actors who are assigned a person who was buried here in Mount Holly,” said Lizze McKee, captain guide and senior at Parkview High School. “They give a monologue about their lives and accomplishments.”

High school drama students research their character and present the person’s life in an interactive way.

“They actually pick out their person in the spring, so they work on their script all summer and do research on the resident. Then when school starts, they start perfecting their script, and Debi Manire starts perfecting the costumes,” said Kay Tatum, board member of Mount Holly Cemetery.

Tales of the Crypt is designed to be a historical event. A guided tour takes you along 16 different sites where you can learn about notable residents' lives.

“You get to learn about Arkansas history, Little Rock history, which is really interesting with all the people who have been buried here. Some of them are Confederate war heroes. We have some people who were famous entrepreneurs, senators, governors,” said McKee.

Tales of the Crypt celebrates its 23rd year of providing Little Rock residents with Little Rock history.

“If they have ever been to Mount Holly Cemetery for Tales of the Crypt, they definitely will come back. If it’s their first time, they are hooked for life because it’s a wonderful, wonderful event,” said Tatum.

In the interview below, hear from the board president about details on the evening.

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