Chef Diaz makes turkey medallions with cranberry walnut chutney


Chef Anthony Diaz of Granada Grill, which specializes in modern Southern cooking was on Good Afternoon Arkansas Monday.

Chef Diaz recently relocated to Hot Springs Village from Texas to become the executive chef at Granada Grill, which is open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch, Wednesday through Saturday for dinner, and Sunday brunch.

Diaz prepared turkey medallions, Arkansas mashed potatoes and Brussel sprouts which all use Arkansas honey.

The turkey medallions were topped with a cranberry walnut chutney.

The recipes are below:

Pan seared turkey tenderloin medallion

1 1/2 # turkey tenderloin cut in 3oz. Medallions

Will yield 8 pieces,serves 2

1 oz. chop fresh sage

2oz. Flour

2oz. Whole butter


Dust medallions in seasoned flour ,heat sauté pan on burner ,medium heat add a little olive oil to coat bottom of the pan .place turkey in the pan and cook until both sides of turkey are brown and reach a internal temperature of 165 degrees. Remove from pan ,

Deglaze pan with a little red wine and whisk in whole butter and chop sage S&P to taste.

Cranberry walnut chutney

8oz fresh cranberries

4 oz chop walnuts

2 oz. whole butter

2 oz. Arkansas honey

Toast walnuts in sauté pan over medium heat, add cranberries & increase heat to high,cook until berries start to burst , whisk in butter until melted, add honey & toss all together & place in bowl and serve .

Roast Arkansas sweet mash potatoes

2# Arkansas sweet mash potatoes

2oz. Whole butter

2oz. Arkansas honey


Heat oven to 350 degrees,place potatoes directly on rack cook for 45 minutes or until tender,let cool for 15 minutes and peel and place in bowl ,mash with a fork add whole butter,honey S&P to taste.

Balsamic glaze Brussels sprouts

1# Brussels sprouts,cleaned cut in half , blanched in boiling water ( cooked half way ) & then place sprouts in ice bath to stop the cooking process.

2oz balsamic vinegar

2oz Arkansas honey


Heat pan with a little olive oil. Add sprouts in pan & toss with Balsamic vinegar.reduce vinegar to a glaze, add butter and honey & remove from heat S&P to taste,serve immediately.

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