Party Hacks: being prepared for any special occasion


Michelle Stewart, owner of DYV Events, talks about simple hacks to know before you throw a party.

How to remove Stingy Stickers Fast

Put a bit of Dawn on the dry label and let that soak in a bit, then add a bit of water and the tag will start to come off, without leaving the sticky residue behind!

You can always put them in a soapy bath of this for a couple minutes to really soak them off quickly.

Wine Stains and Other Mishaps

We have all had this happen, wine or sauce gets on your shirt or tablecloth right before guests arrive or in the middle of dinner!

Shout Wipes are useful but you can also use Dawn on stingier stains--it is a grease fighter but works just as well as shout wipes on tough stains.

How to deal with Wrinkled Shirts to Wrinkled Linen Quickly

Take a hair dryer, preferably with a diffuser and run it up and down the fabric.

Flowers and other Decor

If a flower head break off, don't throw it away. Get yourself a corsage pin and put through the center of the flower to the stem.

Use floral wire to reattach the head to the flower and cover with floral tape. This also works for drooping flowers to get those last party hours out of your arrangement!

Cake Fixes and other Stuff

Take Viva paper towels - the no patterned ones, and on fondant or butter cream cakes, put the paper towel up against the area that needs to be smoothed out and rub up and down until it smooths out. Repeat until you get all the areas smoothed out!

Have a LOT of Leftover cake? Cut the pieces of cake and have either cake bags for guests to take with them as their take-away favor OR if you don't have that, take Cling Wrap and make smaller pieces of cake and place these at the bar for a late night snack for guests.

Emergency Kit


oFirst Aid Kit (bandaids)


oDuct Tape (white)

oPhone Chargers


o2 sided tape

oCorsage pins

oShout Wipes

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