Exercises to correct posture from texting


Jeff Jucha of West Little Rock Crossfit was on Good Afternoon Arkansas for Workout Wednesday showing workouts to fix your posture from texting.

Jucha says, sixty pounds is roughly the weight of four adult-sized bowling balls, six plastic grocery bags worth of food, or an 8-year-old.

It is also, according to a new calculation published in the journal Surgical Technology International, the amount of force exerted on the head of an adult human who is looking down at her phone.

Jucha says there are 3 steps to a simple workout to counter-act that posture:

Find your best posture.

Move the phone up to you.

Exercise the back and shoulders.


1. Wall tucks X 10

2. Y-T-W x 10 each

3. Superman hold x 5 reps@ 5-second holds

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