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Little Rock Hope for the Future Educational Workshop

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Hope for the Future is an annual caregiver workshop held in Central Arkansas, North West Arkansas, and South West Arkansas through which Alzheimer’s Arkansas reaches out to caregivers. This daylong education workshop provides family and professional caregivers with general information regarding Alzheimer’s disease and its progression; tools, knowledge and techniques to improve caregiving skills, and information concerning resources available to caregivers and Alzheimer’s patients through vendor exhibits. With the assistance of local Community Partners and the support of Alzheimer’s Arkansas Walks, we provide half day Hope for the Future workshops in communities like Jonesboro and Helena/West Helena.

Caregivers, both family and professionals, attend from across Arkansas. Family caregivers attend free of charge, unless requesting continuing education credits. Reimbursement for respite care to allow family caregivers to attend the symposium is also available. Continuing education credits (CEU’s) are available for nurses, nursing home administrators, occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants, physical therapists, pharmacists, psychologists, emergency medical services, social workers, and certified nursing assistants.

Through programs like Hope for the Future, we are able to fulfill our mission statement which is to provide education and resources so that all Arkansans affected by Alzheimer’s are able to live with comfort and dignity until a cure is found. Caregivers will be able to add new “tools” to their “caregiver toolbox” which can lead to improved care and quality of life for their loved ones as well as themselves.

For more information, please contact us at 501-224-0021.

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