Braised corned beef & potato over shredded cabbage


Chef Brandon Douglas

Greenleaf Grill

Serves 4


14-2/3 ounce Beef, Round, Bottom, Raw

1 ea Garlic Clove

1-1/3 tbsp Sauce, Worcestershire

1-1/3 tbsp Juice, Lime, Fresh

2 tsp Mustard, Dijon

1/4 ounce Base, Beef, Low Sodium

1/3 cup Water

1/4 tsp Spice, Pickling

1 tsp Parsley, Fresh, Chopped

1/8 each Peppers, Chili, Jalapeno, Fresh, Chopped

1/4 tsp Sugar, Brown, Light

1/4 tsp Juice, Lemon

2-1/4 tsp Juice, Tomato, Canned

2-5/8 ounce Onions, Yellow, Fresh, Chopped

5-1/8 ounce Carrots, Fresh, Pieces, 1"

1/3 tsp Oil, Olive/Canola Oil 90/10 Blend

5-1/8 ounce Potatoes, Pre-Diced, 1/2", Fresh


1.If frozen, thaw beef overnight under refrigeration. Combine all marinade ingredients (garlic, Worcestershire, lime juice and mustard), pour over beef and marinate overnight in cooler.

2. Combine all sauce ingredients and set aside until ready for use.

3. On the day of preparation, heat olive oil in large stock pot or tilt skillet. Remove the meat from the marinade and pat dry. Brown meat on all sides in stock pot. Add carrots and onions and saute vegetables while meat browns.

4. Transfer meat to roasting pan; add reserved sauce ingredients, sauteed vegetables and potatoes. Cover with foil. Cook to an internal temperature of 145F.

5. Remove the beef from pot and set aside to rest. Strain vegetables from sauce and hold both the sauce and the cooked vegetables separately for service.

6. Slice beef across the grain into 1 oz slices. Shingle slices into pan(s). Distribute the remaining sauce from the stock pot evenly among the pans. Heat to an internal temperature of 145F. Portion size: 3 oz beef, 3 oz vegetables, 1 oz sauce. Hold hot for hot service.

7. Serve over bed of shredded cabbage!!!

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